Is Collagen Really That Important?

Hello! Let’s talk about Collagen today and if collagen is really that important to the skin. Before that, as usual, let’s start with the basics. We heard a lot about collagen and probably know a few basic things about it but… what is Collagen actually?

Collagen, the word originated from the Greek word “kólla”, which means glue. It works like a glue that holds everything together, from our teeth, skin, blood vessels, muscles, everything else. It is also the most abundant protein in the body as it accounts for about 30% of its protein composition. Yeah, I know I know, this is not a science lesson. Haha. Let’s make it simpler.

The skin contains up to 80% of collagen and with the help of vitamin c and water, it forms a layer in the skin to make it look soft and supple. The more collagen you have in your skin and body, the more youthful you will become. The skin will look soft, tight, and elastic, which is the dream of everybody, to look young forever.

Some people look really young at 50 and they always said the secret is to exercise and drink more water. However, the real secret is to allow your skin to continue producing collagen so that the skin remains youthful and tight. Of course, exercise and water help too but the main criteria to look young is still the collagen in the skin.

You can drink 20 bottles of water a day and exercise 20 hours a day but if the skin stops producing collagen, what do you think will happen?

Now here comes the scary part.

It is said that after 30 years old, our skin loses about 1 to 2% of collagen each year. This is the reason why we tend to look older and older each year. Because scientifically speaking, we are losing collagen every year, which means the skin is losing its tightness, suppleness, and softness, and most importantly youthfulness each year.

There has to be a balance. If you lose collagen, it means you gain more wrinkles and sagging. Conversely, if you gain collagen, it also means you lose more wrinkles and sagging.

If you want to look young and the skin to look tight and soft, increase the skin’s collagen production. Let our skin work from within to produce more collagen by itself, it is a lot better than drinking or eating it. Our body is a very complicated machine and if left untouched, it will lose its function. Let us help you to naturally activate the body’s collagen production. With that, here comes our new promotion for October.

October Promotion

Collagen Facial Treatment

16 steps facial treatment

Includes free eyes, neck & shoulders massage

At only $68 (75 mins)

One extremely good thing about this Collagen Facial Treatment is that we’re using an Ultrasonic machine, it produces ultrasound waves that penetrate the skin to deeply cleanse, hydrate, and promote collagen production, all without any irritation to the skin.

In short, this Collagen Facial Treatment has 16 meticulous steps, it’s not the simple application of a collagen mask and that’s it. Haha. There are multiple steps, extractions, ultrasonic machine application, massages, and double mask application. A lot of value is in this collagen facial treatment. With that said, here are the 16 steps -

1. Essential oil for relaxing

2. Makeup removal

3. Cleansing (First)

4. Cleansing (Second)

5. Gentle Exfoliation

6. Softening Mask

7. Head Massage

8. Extraction

9. Ampoule Application

10. Ultrasound Application

11. Face/Eyes Massage

12. First Mask (Collagen Gel Mask)

13. Second Mask (Collagen Soft Mask)

14. Neck/Shoulder Massage

15. Mask Removal

16. Moisturizer, Toner, Sunblock

Notice that there are a couple of massages included. This is intentionally added in to provide additional value to this facial treatment. Also, the core value that we hope to provide is relaxation. We want our customers to also have a relaxing experience while we take care of the facial issues.

All in all, this is how we make our customers happy, by providing more value, more than what was needed. And this is the main reason why we have so many referrals. Because providing a good and top-notch service is our top priority.

Final words

Reading until here, I’m sure you have learned something about Collagen and what our collagen facial can do for you. In short, like what I said above, you can drink 20 bottles of water and exercise 20 hours a day but if your skin is not producing collagen, the skin will never be able to reverse the wrinkles and sagging skin.

Some work has to be done to trigger the body’s natural collagen production. To answer the question of this article, Yes, Collagen is really that important to the body. The more you have, the better it is, the more youthful and younger you will be.

If you’re interested to try our services, rest assured that it is a nett price with no GST or service charge. For further assurance, there is also 100% no hard-selling, we don’t like this too. Haha. Our experienced team focuses on relaxation while providing a top-notch skincare service. For appointment booking, call us at 6353 5979 or whatsapp us at 9070 2381. Thank you! :)


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Thank you for reading! See you soon!

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