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Updated: May 28, 2020

You can use the world’s best concealer to conceal it but the dark circles and eyebags are still there, right? It will not magically disappear just because you conceal it.

“You looked tired and restless” “You looked like you haven’t slept in days” “You looked like a zombie” Have you been told something like that before? Sometimes, deep inside we know it’s a joke but it still hurts. When we were young, we thought it’s okay to sleep late and thought that our body is okay to take all these. Yes, our body might be okay to endure a few sleepless nights but there are always causes and consequences. Let’s discuss deeper about the eyebags and dark circles. Most of us will think that it is usually cause by a lack of sleep and tiredness. It is true but there are other causes too. You can have around 8 to 9 hours of sleep everyday and still have both eyebags and dark circles if you have poor sleeping habits. Which means, you wake up every few hours without going deep into the multiple sleep cycles. And end up even more tired than before. Oh dear.

Overexposure of sunlight, dehydration and smoking are also some of the causes. Even allergies and frequent rubbing of the eyes contributes to the dark circles too. And what happens next? Usually we will seek a temporary solution to conceal it with a concealer and eye makeup. But sometimes, due to various reasons, we might purchase inferior brands that is not suitable for our skin type. Cheap ingredients, unethical ingredients. And that causes irritation in the beginning and an allergy, for the more severe cases. Remember what I said above? Allergies and frequent rubbing of the eyes. You wanted to solve your eyebags and dark circles issue but it brought you more problems instead. Ouch.

I did my own survey and asked around. Why aren’t people solving their problems? I have friends who thought that perhaps it requires a lot of money to seek treatment so it’s better to buy a $10 concealer and pretend the problem doesn’t exist. Taking a risk at the same time hoping the concealer will not cause an allergy for your skin type. But the issue is still there, isn’t it, no matter how you conceal it? Let’s face the problem together and solve it with a real solution. Real problems require real solutions. I had a long discussion with our team to offer an effective and affordable 45-minutes eye treatment that combines both western and eastern elements, for only $38.

Swiss Anti-Aging Eye Scrape Treatment

45-minutes eye treatment at only $38

  1. Latest Swiss technology in DNA repair to slow down cellular skin aging

  2. Improves skin cell renewal and promotes rapid regeneration of damaged cells

  3. Reduce dark circles and eyebags

  4. Traditional chinese bo jin and gua sha to improve blood circulation and promote detox

Ok I heard you, so many words but no photos. How about a process for the eye treatment below? Let’s go.

Step One: Cleansing

The first step is to cleanse the area around the eyes. This is a necessary step to ensure that this area around the eyes is clean. As we expose our skin to pollution or makeup, there might an accumulation of dirty things in our skin. Sometimes the makeup is not washed off properly and there is still some powder or dried flakes on the skin. It doesn’t feel very comfortable right? Only when it is clean then we can proceed on to the next step.

Step Two: Exfoliation

The second step is to perform exfoliation on the same area. It is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Our skin typically shed dead skin cells every 30 days to make room for new skin cells. However, sometimes, the dead skin cells don’t shed completely, resulting in clogged pores. Exfoliation will also help to increase our body's natural collagen production as the skin cells can renew themselves without being clogged.

Step Three: Eye Massage

The third step will be a gentle massage around the same area. The main purpose of this eye massage is to relax the skin and the body. Through the massage, it helps to boost the blood circulation and reduce eye fatigue. In this digital age, we are exposed to phones and computer screens everyday. Honestly, when was the last time you gave the contour of your eyes a massage?

Step Four: Eye Bo Jin (拨筋)

The fourth step is where the eastern element comes into the picture. In simpler terms, Bo Jin uses a special instrument, a Bo Jin stick, and doing a deep massage on the different points of the body, clearing the blocked path inside the skin in an attempt to promote even greater blood circulation. A short history, back in around 200 AD, how this chinese traditional method came about was when a very famous physician named Hua Tuo (华佗) tried all medicines to cure a lady’s acne and other skin issues but none of his medicines are working. Thereafter, one day he was observing a worker trying to clear a drain system by just using an object to push past the entire drain. Just one simple action and it unclogged the entire drain system. He had the inspiration to try a similar method by using a hard object and just pushing past the Meridien system of the body to improve blood circulation and clear the clogged path. It works, even better than using medicine. Imagine that the dark circles area is being clogged and something has to be done to unclog it, this is the benefit of Bo Jin. It also helps to increase metabolism and reduce wrinkles too. In case you’re wondering, it does not hurt, it’s quite a relaxing process. You will love it! :)

Step Five: Eye Gua Sha (刮痧)

The fifth step will be another heavy eastern element involving Gua Sha, also known as skin scraping. In this process, a thin Gua Sha Plate will be used to scrape the area near the eyes. With a light pressure and rhythmic strokes, it helps to encourage the movement of lymph fluids and our lymphatic system will get rid of the waste and toxins. In the process, the pressure points around the eyes will also be activated and that will help to release eye tension and de-stress the eye muscles. Thereafter, the sagging areas will be toned up, looking a lot healthier and better. Again, this is another relaxing process that you will love.

Step Six: Repair Eye Mask

This is the last step of this eye treatment. It contains a lot of premium ingredients such as Olive Leaf extract to delay cellular skin aging and Jujube Extract to strengthen and revitalize the skin. It also improves skin cell renewal and promotes rapid regeneration of damaged cells. The products are from Switzerland and all these are patent ingredients from swiss technology. This final step will help to firm the area around the eyes to be more firm and well-hydrated. And in the waiting process between the 6 steps, you will be given a shoulder massage to further relax yourself. Our sole intention for this eye treatment is to let you feel relaxed and with the reduced tension, it will be easier for the body to get rid of the toxins. We have also intentionally made it very affordable at only $38 for the 45-minutes eye treatment. And this is our effective and affordable method of reducing eyebags and dark circles, by combining western and eastern elements. Using a concealer will not be able to solve the root problem. It helps you to hide the real problem but for how long? I’m sure you have the answer yourself. You only have one pair of eyes, it’s time to pamper yourself and do something good for yourself. Love yourself and your body will love you back! :)

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