Services for Nails

These are our services for nails that are suitable for both genders. There are services for different issues. It might be a little confusing at first, we are here to help you. Just give us a call at 6353 5979 or whatsapp us at 9070 2381.

Alternatively, you can also head to the 'Whatsapp Us' above and it will bring you straight to whatsapp. Thereafter, our friendly staff will help you with all your questions! :)

Express Manicure 快速美甲(手)

$12 (15 mins)

Express Pedicure 快速美甲(脚)

$15 (15 mins)

Express Gel Manicure 快速美甲胶(手)

$28 (30 mins)

Express Gel Pedicure 快速美甲胶(脚)

$38 (30 mins)

Express Gel Mani+Pedi 快速(手脚)

$58 (45 mins)

Classic Manicure 经典美甲(手)

$20 (30 mins)

Classic Pedicure 经典美甲(脚)

$34 (40 mins)

Classic Mani+Pedi 经典美甲(手脚)

$48 (45 mins)

Classic Gel Manicure 经典美甲胶(手)

$45 (40 mins)

Classic Gel Pedicure 经典美甲胶(脚)

$55 (40 mins)

Classic Gel Mani+Pedi 经典美甲(手脚)

$88 (45 mins)

Callus Treatment 脚底硬死皮护理

$38 (30 mins)

Spa Pedi 足疗

$48 (40 mins)

Gel Extension 胶延长

$9 (per finger) or $88 (set)

Gel Removal 卸胶