Facial Treatment

These are our facial services suitable for both genders. There are different facial services for different issues. It might be a little confusing at first, we are here to help you. Just give us a call at 6353 5979 or whatsapp us at 9070 2381.


Alternatively, you can also head to the 'Whatsapp Us' above and it will bring you straight to whatsapp. Thereafter, our friendly staff will help you with all your questions! :)

Classic Facial 普通保湿护理

Purifying Facial 净化毛孔护理

$38 ea (60 mins)

Aqua Peel Facial 水疗面部护理 

Diamond Peel Facial 钻石磨肤护理
Cool Hydro Facial 面部保湿护理

Collagen Facial 胶原蛋白护理
$68 ea (75 mins)

Oxygen Facial 助氧护理
Mesotherapy Lifting Facial 塑美紧肤护理
Guasha Bojin Facial 刮痧拨筋护理

$98 ea (90 mins)

Hydronic Booster Facial 水光针护理

IPL Skin Rejunation 激光嫩肤护理

24K Gold Leaf Facial 黄金焕肤

Micra Skin Renewing 海藻换肤护理
BB MTS Water Shine Facial 驻颜粉底美白护理
$128 ea (90 mins)

Cellular Revive 维生素美肌

ALPS Glacier Oxy Treatment 冰川助氧护理

Caviar Rejuvenating Treatment 鱼子酱嫩肤护理

Collagen Refining Treatment 胶原蛋白修复护理

Argan Stem Cell Anti-Age Treatment 坚果干细胞护理

Wonder Phytocare Refining Treatment 水样草本

Laser-Like Clarifying Treatment 类激光竹炭透白
$188 (120 mins)

Classic Eye & Neck Treatment (Bojin/machine)

$68 (45 mins)

Eye & Neck Treatment Kit (Includes machine)

$88 (45 mins)